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Parent Of The Month

Do you know a parent who goes above and beyond the call of duty, who embodies the essence of what it means to be a good parent? Nominate him/her/them for Rockford Parent Magazine’s Parent of the Month! One worthy parent will be chosen each month.

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Slice is a new weekday e-newsletter from Register Star Media delivered daily to your inbox.  Slice connects you to friends, neighbors and coworkers who make up the Rock River Valley.
Here is your weekday lineup:
Monday -  A Better Place:  People working to make the Rock River Valley a better place through volunteer activities or businesses and nonprofit agencies.  
Tuesday - On the Job: interesting people talking about the work they do.
Wednesday -  People of Faith: People engaged in and empowered by their faith communiities.
Thursday - Creators: Short discussions with and profiles of artisits, entertainers and other engaged in creative endeavors. 
Friday - At Play: Just in time for the weekend, people engaged in active, sports-related activities, be they weekend warriors, youth coaches or the guy who drives the Zamboni. 

Slice Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

Slice Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

Enter to receive Slice - your morning serving of the Rock River Valley and you will be entered to win a Kindle Fire HD!  

Slice is the new weekday e-newsletter from Register Star Media that will introduce you to the people who make the Rock River Valley an interesting place to live and work.  Each day, you will get a different serving from articles about people working to make the Rock River Valley a better place to stories about artists and weekend warriors!

If you love the Rock River Valley, you'll love SLICE!

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